December's Eve

It was the Eve of December and all through the garden, flowers were wilting and leaves were a frosting. The dew in the morning gave a slight shimmer, similar to the Christmas spirit in my heart that would glimmer. My angel isn't here this Christmas, which makes me quite blue. But, I figured out some ways and some things I can do. I'll honor my baby, the one that I miss, to bring some holiday joy and even some bliss.

Cheer and happiness can be difficult to deal with as the raw emotions set in that you are missing a piece of your family for the holidays. December in Avery's Garden: 25-Days of Christmas is going to go into many ways you can keep your child's memory very much alive.

Here is a great article that discusses the many ways you can include your angels this year:

Holidays After Child Loss: Huffington Post

Tomorrow we start with Day 1: DIY Christmas Cards. Share the cards you have chosen to send out this year. How are you incorporating your angel in your holiday cards? Do you struggle trying to find ways to do this? We can talk tips, share pictures and inspiration that can help kick off the first day of the season.



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