Creatively Grieving on Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is approaching. Another holiday without our babies. But, there are ways to help in creatively grieving. Remember that Valentine's Day is about love, celebrating relationships and letting those around you know how special they are! And you can show yourself some love too! There is a lot to gain when you start taking those feelings of love that has built in your hearts for a missing piece, and expanding it out to yourself and others. 

So here we go. Here are some tips to get you through the season of love!  

1. Write out some Valentine's Day cards.  

One suggestion I have for you is to go back to the basics. Get some Valentine's Day cards and start writing them out! Don't be afraid to tell those people around you how great they are! Do you have a special person that helped you through dark times? A friend, family member, councilor, fellow angel parent? All great candidates for a special surprise. You can even write one to your angel. Keep it in their memory box if you have one. Write down how you are feeling, get all those emotions on paper, and then tuck them into that safe keeping place. You might find that you feel lighter once you are done.  


 2. Illuminate your home with love.

Below is a quick and easy craft you can do. All you need is painters tape, paint, mod podge, jars, twine and glitter! Start by making a heart using painters tape. You can tape pieces together and using scissors cut the shape before attaching it to the jar. Paint the outside with craft paint and let it dry. Paint on mod podge and cover in glitter. Allow that to dry then do one more coat of mod podge and let it dry completely. Remove the tape, add a twine bow and light a candle for ypur special Valentine's angel.


 3. Treat yourself!

Ok, so maybe I love retail therapy...or just being nice to myself! But you have to take care of you. Go shopping and find a tiered display like featured below. Fill it with things that give you peace. Add garnishments like your favorite chocolate, those cute mugs that you find special, hot chocolate mix, quote plaques, flowers, etc. Each day it will give you something to go to that you enjoy. 


      Happy Valentine's Day! Remember that you are loved!!!  




Photo cred: pinterest 

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