Spring is here and to start us off on the right path, I have put together a 15-day prompt challenge that will go from May 1st through May 15th. The purpose of this challenge is to help guide you through some creative grieving options as well as how to demonstrate self-care and love to our own bodies. Often in grieving, we can lose sight of the importance of treating ourselves with kindness. We do this because of guilt, depression, anxiety, overwhelming sadness, and so much more. It can be so crucial to the healing process to allow some light back in. I hope as you work through these prompts you find them helpful to your journey.

  • Day 1: Write a daily affirmation for yourself that you will say for the next 15-days. A daily affirmation can consist of any message you want to tell yourself. Try to leave it in a place that you see every day. You can start or end your day with this affirmation. For example, I begin my day with: " Today will be a good day because I have never lived it before. I am open to the opportunities that will present themselves to me. I will see beauty in the day as it walks with me until the night. I love my self for who I am."
  • Day 2: Introducing the Angel(s) in your life. It is no doubt that you envisioned your life playing out differently when you first found out you were pregnant. I know that part of my struggles are often finding myself in a daydream of what could have been...should have been and all the endless what ifs that follows. For a moment, take time to find your words and introduce your sweet Angel(s) to your tribe. Make these moments yours to share whatever brings you comfort.
  • Day 3: Five things that inspire you. Today will be about the things that inspire YOU. Do you have a favorite poem, book or song? Or do you find your guidance through perhaps art or nature? Take time to find things or even people that inspire your journey.
  • Day 4: Safe Places. Safe places can come in many forms. Think about a moment in your grief journey when you were able to exhale and feel safe...surrounded by the love of your sweet Angel(s). Is this place of comfort maybe in a special room of your home? Or maybe seeking comfort with a councilor or in a church? Feel welcome to share a space you go to that brings your mind and body so much peace.
  • Day 5: Go for a walk and capture something beautiful. It is time to go exploring and take a walk. Or if you would rather, go on a bike ride, a run, a climb...or anything that brings you into the great outdoors. Nature offers comfort in many ways, such as insects, animals, rainbows, clouds or flowers. Find something beautiful that captures your attention.
  • Day 6: Gardening through your grief. Today is about all the ways you can use gardening in grief. Share a picture of things growing in your personal garden. The language of flowers speaks to people in a very personal way. Many a rose, as beautiful and delicate reminds you of your angel. Or perhaps the bring color of another flower brings you joy. Share as many as you wish...or whatever is currently in bloom.
  • Day 7: Bereaved Mother's Day. Bereaved Mother's Day is known Internationally for women who know the pain of child loss. Today is a celebration of you. You are still a Mother...and in fact you can be considered the Mother of all Mothers because of all you have endured. Remember to show yourself some extra self love today. Share how you celebrated yourself today.
  • Day 8: Mindful meditation.  Meditation can be a great way to stop the noise of every day life. Some people enjoy listening to soft music as they release worries...even if it is temporary. Make that time for yourself today.
  • Day 9: 10 things you love to do. Illustrate 10 things you love or love to do. Start off with a piece of paper and draw a giant heart. Fill it with little graphics of things you love or things you love to do. Then share them! You may inspire someone else.
  • Day 10: 6 square grief journey: This is a drawing exercise. Draw a grid with two rows. Three boxes on top, three boxes on the bottom. Tell your grief journey to date using illustrations. If you can't draw well, that's ok. You can use magazine clips, computer printout, etc. To help tell your story. 
  • Day 11: Friday night florals. As previous challenges, I love a Friday night floral activity. Buy, pick or forage for some flowers. Put together a little centerpiece to display in your home. 
  • Day 12 Cook a meal that makes you smile. Pretty simple and straight forward:) Share a meal that soothes your soul. 
  • Day 13: Morning coffee and a letter. Start your day early with a cup of your favorite warm mug of happiness. Coffee and tea are popular, but choose your own taste. Sit quiet if possible and write a letter to your past self. What do you want to tell yourself now? Advise? Kindness? Encouragement? Apologies perhaps? Tell yourself what you are feeling. 
  • Day 14: Checking in with yourself. How do you honor emotions? Let's take some time to talk out about the emotions of grief and how you cope, recognize the pain and are able to move forward. If you struggle, let's hear what it is that might trigger your emotions and open it up to advice from your tribe. 
  • Day 15: What is on your summer vision board? What do you want to accomplish this summer? A vacation away? A special home project? Reading a great book? Tell us your plans! How will you use this time to honor you angel(s) and care for yourself? 
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