Avery's Garden Coloring Book and Creative Grief Journal Volume IX: The Angels That Color Our Sky: Short Story

Avery Robert

Avery Robert

Once upon a time there were a group of angels that grew their wings too soon. They had heard of a place in a far away land where they could all live together in the sky. There were castles and birds, dragons and warriors, and a world of magic that was awaiting them. The only problem is that they weren’t quite sure how to get there. So, the angels sat down and started making a plan to get to this majestic place where they could all play together. It wouldn’t be easy, but it would be worth it.

And so it began.

Alexandra, Conner and Noelle told the group of angels that to soar the highest, they should spread their wings and fly. One by one the angels began to stretch out their wings. Each angel was also given a special built in compass system that would teach these new baby angels how to soar to great heights.

As the angels began to soar past the clouds and the bright blue skies, they could begin to see the stars twinkling bold and beautifully. Nolan had chosen to soar on his hot air balloon just in case the angel grew too tired and needed to take a break from flying.

Angels Joseph and Nova Lee greeted the little angels once they got into the star galaxy. They explained to the angels that in order to continue on their journey they would be faced with some challenges, but not to fret. They would meet different creatures along the way that would help them find the kingdom in the sky.

So the angels continued. One by one soaring, dipping and twirling about. The stars had given them something to play with and they gently tossed them to one another, creating shooting stars.

They came to two magnificent lions in the sky that went by the names Leo and Milo. The lions told the angels not to fear them, they would introduce them to the Star Maker who would continue with them on the journey through the stars. Leo explained that he and Milo ruled the stars together, helping little angels find their way as well but Gavin Michael, the Star Maker, was known for making the journey faster.

As they spoke, Gavin arrived on his intricate star machine. It trickled stars as he peddled about. He greeted the angels warmly and told them it was time to continue. They would know once they were closer because one to the moons would be made all of flowers.

Excited to continue, the angels all spanned out their wings and they were off again.

The angels could finally see the moon that the lions had spoke about. It was blooming and bright and filled with magnificent flowers. This definitely didn’t look like the moons from early on in their journey, and the angels knew only more magic awaited them. Three butterflies danced amongst this flowery moon and introduced the angels to Khloe. She was the Princess of this glorious moon. Khloe greeted the angels with hugs and explained that her butterflies would continue to help them on their way.

The angels said goodbye to Gavin and thanked him for all of his help and continued flying with the butterflies until land was finally in sight.

When the angels finally reached land, they let out a cheer and were greeted by two more angels named Jacob and Carter. These were the angels of the trees and the hills and went on to tell the angels that their journey was about to get even more exciting. The angels rested for a while among the trees and river banks. Having flown through the stars they would need to rest before continuing on their way.

It was midmorning the next day and the angels were approached by an owl and an eagle along with Olie the angel. Olie told the angels that they would now need to continue through the woods until they found Addison, the angel of the church bells. From there she would point the angels to a new forest were they would need to find the sleeping angel and his lion.

The angels followed Olie’s instructions and went along until they heard church bells ringing. The angels exclaimed, “Addison! She’s ringing her church bells for us!” and they continued until they found her. Addison sat softly on a swing near her church waiting for the group of angels to gather together. “Hello angels” she warmly spoke. “I welcome you to the next part of your journey through the wooded trees. You will need to find the lion and sleeping angel. He goes by the name Leo Finn and he will explain the next part of your journey.”

The angels walked through the new forest until they came to the sleeping angel they had heard about from Addison. The Lion he was with looked at the new group of angels and with a gentle brush of his tail until he awoke Leo from his slumber.

Leo stretched and yawned and welcomed the angels to their next challenge. This was called the Arrow of Fate challenge. In order to figure out the next part of their story they would be given a bow and arrow to shoot across the forest.

Roman, Cade, Daisy and Theodore were the most experienced angels with bows and arrows so they all stepped forward and offered to take the challenge. Roman explained that his bow was famous for it was made with the same feathers that angel wings were made of. Cade explained that his arrow was famous because he had collected feathers on his adventures that hung from below it. But in the end the angels decided that Theodore would take the shot, as he was known for having the best precision.

The arrow was taken and shot through all the trees and shrubs and pointed North which the angels must continue to go. Leo gave the angels a sundial that was made by August, the Angel of Direction and told the angels to be safe on their way. Once they reached the water’s edge, another angel would be there to help them.

The angels continued, walking through the forest and the trees. Past the big rocks and flowers that danced in the wind. Some angels continued to fly, up above the trees to get a better view. They started to hear the gentle waves of the ocean and knew that the next angel should be coming closer now. So they all took flight and found a ship resting in the water.

“Ahoy, angels” another fellow angel exclaimed! “Welcome to my ship, I am Wednesday and will be taking you across the ocean to the other side of land. Come, we have far to travel and don’t have much time.”

The angels landed one by one on the ship and set sail.

Wednesday told the angels what awaited on the other side of land. There would be a group of ponies that would be help them on their travels. The ponies traveled at the speed of light and would help the angels reach the kingdom faster.

Jacob, Angel of the Horses, welcomed the new angels once they reached land. His horse was decorated with flowers and ribbons. The angels all took turns petting their assigned horses and getting acquainted as they watched Wednesday and her ship sail back to where they traveled from.

The angels continued by speed of light. The horses knowing exactly where to go to get the angels to the kingdom. Chase Morgan was one of the faster horses, so he led the pack from the front of the line.

They horses dashed about, running and galloping throughout various landscapes. The angels all cheering and laughing as the animals guided them all around.

It was nighttime now and the horses finally stopped near a giant rock. Jacob explained that this was now his time to say goodbye and pointed to the top of the rock.

“There, on top of that rock is Nathan the Angel of Dragons. He is a courageous warrior and will help you continue". And just like that Jacob took his group of horses and in a blink they were gone.

Nathan waved the angels to perch with him and his angel on the top of the rocks to get some rest. They took in the bright moon and twinkling stars and drifted off to sleep.

In the morning, Bennett had arrived in his warrior outfit and brought with him his trained bird. They would also be traveling with the angels to the kingdom.

Nathan walked with the angels and explained that in order to finally reach the gates of the kingdom they would need to pass through a village. There the angels could purchase shoes from Squirtle who made them from magical plants from the kingdom. There was a carnival in town when the angels arrived and after visiting Squirtle they asked to ride Knox’s ferris wheel before continuing. Nathan and Bennett agreed to let the angels have some fun and they walked around the market place and carnival for a while.

The angels found that Squirtle’s special shoes allowed them to take flight faster and each time they spread their wings to fly, the shoes let off a little fairy dust.

Finally the angels were ready to continue and they headed north until they found a blue bird sitting on a beautiful ornate star.

Nathan smiled and welcomed to angels to the gate where the kingdom was just on the other side.

“Welcome angels” a small boy in a hat exclaimed. “I am Benicio, I am the gatekeeper of the kingdom. You have arrived.” The angels all looked at each other, smiling and cheering about. They were excited to see what awaited them just on the other side of the wall. Benicio led the angels to a gate by a tree that was twisted and turning in all different directions and explained just past the gate was Asher’s castle. From there they were welcome to make their home in any of the castle rooms or to find their own place to create their own.

The gates slowly opened and all the angels gasped with amazement and wonder. The kingdom was even better than they had hoped for. The kingdom was magical. Some angels chose Asher’s castle right away and flew straight into a game other angels were playing with a ball that had wings! Other angels continued and chose Prince’s castle for it was beautiful and came with a pet dragon that the angels could ride.

The angels that loved music, decided to make their home in DG Castle, which was home to King Deliverance and Queen Grace. The most intricate of all the castles in the land was Caety’s castle. She was known throughout the land as one of the elders and she was gifted in all forms of art. Caety’s castle was home to other artist angels that loved to display their paintings in the local Sunday market.

The last remaining angels walked around until they were closer to the forest’s edge. They enjoyed being closer to nature and decided that they would rather make their home somewhere among the trees and flowers. Sam, the angel of the hobbit houses welcomed the remaining angels and offered something to eat. Avery and his cardinal were playing nearby in a carrot patch and were excited to have some new angels join in their fun. Molly, Alvy and Mabel, the remaining angels greeted Avery with hugs and joy as they continued to play all together.

In the end, this kingdom where all the angels go, is a place that can only be described as heavenly. It is there that all the angels can be together. To laugh and play. To help take care of one another until new angels arrive. Where flowers dance, and fairies sing, and the moons glow the brightest.

It is a place where they can be known as They Angels That Color Our Sky.

The End.

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