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Avery's Garden

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Avery's Garden is a place to come and celebrate life, no matter how brief it may have been. My name is Tara Denz and I am Avery's Mom. I am an Angel Mom and my purpose is to help others in grief, while I journey along side them in mine. You are not alone here, and my hope is that you will find inspiration to continue to heal in your journey of life after loss. I honor angels through art of all kinds, and will share my stories here.   

~what's growing In The Garden~

Avery's outdoor garden is starting to come together. We have lots of returning flowers including red dahlias, blue delphinium, a butterfly bush, lilacs, roses and much more! Photos of the 2018 garden will be coming soon.  



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personal mission statement

My purpose in life is to be a creator in all forms. By using my creative and artistic abilities, I want to not only inspire others, but make things that are truly unique in the process.

In finding beauty in all forms, I devote my talents to make others see what I see possible. My approach in life is to do things on my own, to experience everything it has to offer me.

Through my passion for love, art and beauty I will nurture those around me and create unforgettable things. My goal is to experience as much as possible in the process.



Contact me on email: averysgarden16@gmail.com