Avery's Garden Coloring Books

~Angel Inspired heARTwork for Bereaved Families~


The Avery's Garden Coloring Book Collection

Looking back at 2017 I have had the opportunity to explore so many new signs and symbols for our fellow angel babies. It is actually quite amazing how unique each and every one of our children are. I am always amazed when I get a new request for a drawing. It shows the world through visual art and beautiful quotes how special each little one is. The stories that come with the requests are always heart felt and something to truly treasure. We began 2017 looking into nature to find beauty in our grief through gardens and bird watching. In V1: Birds & Gardens we had an opportunity to discover new flowers and the winged friends that bring peace to our hearts. From there we entered further into the outdoors in V2: With Wings They Fly to find little creatures such as bees, butterflies, dragonflies and fireflies that often dance beside us. These creatures often come with some powerful symbolism that is so relatable in grief journeys. Then came time for us to aboard the rocket ships that symbolize our babies in V3: Across The Universe and travel passed the Sun to be among the moon, stars and beyond. This book allowed the readers to find unique spiritual elements that orbit the energy we carry within ourselves. Lastly, came an exploration of the great outdoors in V4: Into The Wild. This book was filled with lots of animals found in the forest, jungle and marshes we come in contact with. Animals often lend personally relatable symbolism such as the courage of a lion or gentle nature of a giraffe.

Starting in 2018, all books will begin to develop further! There will still be a full page dedicated to the drawings and a page with dedication information for each angel. The dedication pages include a title, In Memory of ______ information with First and/or First and Middle names for the angel the drawing was done for and a brief explanation of what makes the page so incredibly special. Going forward, short stories will also be included sporadically within the books. This gives you an opportunity to relate further to the drawings within the books. I hope you continue to enjoy the heARTfelt work I do.

As always it is truly an honor to be included in your stories.

volume 1 : Birds & gardens

Volume 1: Birds & Gardens was the first coloring book completed in the Avery's Garden Coloring Book Series.  This book includes angels that are remembered with flowers, gardens, birds and more.The following angels are remembered in this volume:


Avery (2 pgs.), Christian(2 pgs.), Cullin, Everlee (2 pgs.), Gavin, Harvi, Holly, Janelle, Jensen, Kian, Leona, Lily, Lucas, Maria, Maybel, Moses, Natalie, Primrose, Pualani, Ku'u Maka and Thorin.



volume 2: With wings they fly

Volume II: With Wings They Fly was the second coloring book completed in the Avery's Garden Coloring Book Series. This book includes  angels that are remembered with winged creatures such as butterflies, dragonflies, bees and fireflies. The following angels are remembered in this volume:


Aedan, Angel and Maya, Aren J, Averie Marie, Averie, Avery (2 pgs.), Blake, Coleman and Noah, Everly, Ezra, Hayden, Uriah, Dakota and Kyson, Hoban, Indigo, Isaac, Jensen, Lillian, Lincoln, Luka, Peyton, Samantha, Scarlette, Vega Babies and Zoe.



volume 3: Across the universe

Volume III: Across The Universe was the third coloring book completed in the Avery's Garden Coloring Book Series. This book includes  angels that are remembered with beautiful elements found Earth to the Sky. Such drawings will include The Sun, The Moon, Stars and Space. The following angels are remembered in this volume:


Adrian, Alonzo, Anaia, Angelica, Audrey, Avery (2 pgs.), Baby Watson, Bradley, Brighton, Camila, Casper, Charlie, Emma, Everly, Evie, Henry, Jasper, Jesse, Lan, Leo, Luna, Madison, Maelle, Rory, Ryland, Silas, SJ, Sonny, Tabitha, Tristan and Adrian, and Xavier.



volume 4: Into the wild


Volume IV: Into the Wild was the forth coloring book completed in the Avery's Garden Coloring Book Series. This book includes  angels that are remembered with beautiful animals in the wilderness. Such drawings will include foxes, bears, forest scenes and much more. The following angels are remembered in this volume:


Aiden, Amelia Rose, Angel, William and Kyram, Avery (2 pgs.), Benji, Calla Alice, Daisy, Dalun, Dollie, Easton, Ella Jade, Ella Lynne, Ella, Emmet, Ethan, Everett, Grady, Harper Ann and Tegan Elise, Henry, Isaac David, Isabelle and Lucas, Jacob Dale, Josiah and The Peck Babies, Jude, Kenley, Lachlan, Lisaos, Logan Forest, Makenna and McKinley, Nash, Oliver Jay, Parker Grace, Paxton, Reece and Addison, Theo, Valley, Wyatt.



volume 5: The Wind & The Sea


Volume V: The Wind and The Sea was the fifth coloring book completed in the Avery's Garden Coloring Book Series. This book includes  angels that are remembered with beautiful elements found throughout the sky and earthly waterways. Such drawings will include mermaids, turtles, whales and so much more. The following angels are remembered in this volume:


🌊Avery, Yara, Sullivan, Simon, Ruxten, Prestin, Norah, Micayla, Matteo, Mathilda, Marissa, Liam, Jess, Isaac, Isaiah, Galuxy, Ethan, Eric, Eden, Dominic, Crayton, Charlotte, Callie, Caiden, Bennet, Asher, Alaylah/ Julian, Joy, Dorothy, Jacqueline, Kilynn, Avery.


Volume 6: Among The Wild Flowers


Volume VI: Among The Wild Flowers includes angels that are remembered with nature, flowers and the little creatures that roam. This book includes a few poems written by me, inspired by these little loves. As always, the book will include a dedication page and drawing for each angel. There are explanations of the drawings and insight into the symbolic significance of certain elements as well. The following angels are remembered in this volume:


🌷Alice Rose, Alistair, Aniah, Archie, Avery, Avery Grace, Benjamin, Chance, Jordan, Mackenzie and Charlie, Daniel, Delaney, Rae Elise, Ernie, Evelyn Katie , Everley, Gloria, Hadasah, Henry, Jacqueline and Jennavie, Keegan, Kenley, Kieran, Layla, Laila Olivia, Landon, Leif, Lily Esta, Lucille, Lylah, Mason and Ethan, Mehmet, Poppy, Sage Anise, Thaxton,Tommy, Wyatt, Vivian


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Honoring the Angels in Color!


Remembering: Angel Love, William David and Kyram Nicole

"Words can not even express how grateful we are to be a part of Avery's Garden. Tara is an amazing beautiful person who creates these timeless pieces of art to let our angel babies live on."

- Angel Mom: Cole M. in Connecticut


Remembering: Eden

"My daughter, Eden, passed away at 23-days old in 2017. We miss her everyday. I was so happy to stumble upon Avery’s Garden. Tara was so nice and easy to work with. She wanted to know about Eden and asked questions about her. To a bereaved parent, that in itself is a gift. She made Eden’s drawing so special and personal. It’s all the things that remind me of my baby in one picture that was created just for her."

-Angel Mom: Shanna D. in Georgia


Remembering: Peyton Addison Jean

"Having Tara incorporate some of the most important things to us was very special. Music is a very large part of my husband, and his family and we knew Peyton would be born into a life of music. Having that incorporated was very special. The butterfly in our photo represents our daughter. During our time in the hospital we had a butterfly placed on our hospital door, to signify a loss to anyone who entered. We've always recognized butterflies as a symbol of our precious Peyton".

-Angel Mom: Kelly in Ontario, Canada


Remembering: Asher Ray

"Tara did such a wonderful job making a coloring page for our boy and including the quote we love most in reference to him. My husband and I had established monthly traditions that we would do each month to mark another month without him for the first year of his life. One of these traditions was to sit in his room and write in a journal to Asher. After we hit the one year mark, we needed something to do on the 19th of each month. So we took turns coloring part of his page in Avery’s Garden Coloring Book. We spent a little bit of time on the 19th of each month for three months, coloring his page and thinking of our boy. His coloring page gave us something to do for him to mark another month without him."

Angel Mom: Amy L.


Remembering: Ellie

"Ellie was so perfect in every way when I had her. Her little finger tips to her hair. In the coloring book it has helped me a lot since losing Ellie. Especially with grieving a lot lately. Also you have helped me a lot too as well with this even though it has been hard for me in the last year. Making this coloring page for Ellie has helped so much."

-Angel Mom: Ashley


Remembering: Mason & Ethan

"As a preschool teacher, I color with children nearly every day, but I'll never get to color with my twin boys. After Mason and Ethan died in the NICU, I grasped at everything I could to keep my baby boys close and in that search, I found Avery's Garden and Avery's wonderful mom. Tara created a beautiful coloring page for Mason and Ethan, complete with a special quote and two peas in a pod, our special sign and symbol for them. And so, I get to color with my boys in my heart and for my boys, on a coloring page just for them. While it deeply saddens me each time Tara posts another coloring page for another baby, the love and care she puts into each of her drawings is so very present in all of the tiny details and with each one, I feel like I'm getting to know the new friends Mason and Ethan have made amongst the stars."

-Angel Mom: Trina H. in Massachuesettes


Remembering: Cullin

"Tara, your books help bereaved families honor their child in such a special unique way. Thank you for remembering our sons and daughters.

-Angel Mom: Ginny L. in Texas



Remembering: Sullivan

"Sullivan's page and entry was a complete surprise. My heart literally skipped a beat when I saw Tara's drawing. It is one of the most beautiful things I have for my son. Because he was stillborn I have very few memories, pictures and moments with him. Tara's coloring book has given me one more gift of my son. A tangible gift created by someone else in memory of my son. It's the best gift a Mom could receive! I couldn't wait to order the coloring book that had MY BABY in it!! Everything she drew, represented and wrote was just perfect. I was so afraid to color Sullivan's page for fear of messing it up, but then I realized if I did I could just order another!! It was such a healing and connective experience coloring his page. The whole time all I could think about was my beautiful perfect boy and his siblings. It was a time where I could just sit in the love I have for my son. Tara and her son Avery are such a blessing to the baby loss community and I will forever be grateful for her using her special gifts, sharing her son and including Sullivan in her beautiful coloring book!! Thank you Tara!!

Angel Mom: Kay K. in Missouri


Remembering: Henry & Hudson

"I used the stamps I had made of their handprints at the top and I did the dragonfly exact opposites in colors and the flowers with 2 colors because their personalities on sonos were so different :) I know Henry was calm and quiet and Hudson was loud and rambunctious. I so wish we could all see our babies growing up. Thank you so much for doing this, I can't wait to purchase the coloring book!"

-Angel Mom: Kristen E.